LoRaWAN Bridge

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A LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS) is the piece of the LoRaWAN stack responsible for de-duplicating messages and route them to the Application Server where the user can configure the appropriate handlers to send the data to depending on the device address of the source node. Most of the servers available, including the The Things Network LNS and the LoRaServer open-source LNS support the Semtech Legacy Protocol. This protocol is a simple way to send data from a LoRaWAN Gateway to the LNS using UDP.

The Semtech Legacy Protocol is open-spec and fairy simple so we can actually use it to send data to a LNS from wherever we want, the only requirement is that the data must be a LoRaWAN-compatible frame so the LNS can understand it. This is what a LoRaWAN frame looks like:

LoRaWAN Frame