The AllWize Library is an Arduino compatible library to interface the RadioCrafts RC1701HP-XXX radio module.

The library is available in the Arduino IDE Library Manager:

Arduino IDE Library Manager

And also in the PlatformIO Library Manager:

$ pio lib search allwize
Found 1 libraries:

#ID: 5804
Arduino-compatible library to interface RC1701HP-OSP/WIZE radio modules

Keywords: wize, radio, radiocrafts, wmbus4
Compatible frameworks: Arduino
Compatible platforms: Atmel AVR, Atmel SAM, Espressif 32, Espressif 8266
Authors:, Xose Pérez

Code examples

The library provides several examples to learn the different possibilities it offers:

  • factoryReset: shows how to factory reset the radio module
  • lorawan_gateway: code to use with an ESP8266 to receive a Wize encapsulated LoRaWAN frame and send it to TTN using Semtech Legacy Protocol, uses CayenneLPP to build the payload
  • lorawan_node: code to send a LoRaWAN frame via Wize
  • lowpower: example on how to lowpower the radio an microcontroller (AVR, SAMD)
  • master_allwize_k1_esp8266: ESP8266 master
  • master_allwize_k1_leonardo: Arduino Leonardo master
  • master_allwize_k2: AllWize K2 master
  • moduleInfo: shows radio module configuration and non-volatile memory dump
  • slave_allwize_k1_esp32: ESP32-based slave
  • slave_allwize_k1_esp8266: ESP8266 slave
  • slave_allwize_k1_leonardo: Arduino Leonardo slave
  • slave_allwize_k1_uno: Arduino Uno slave
  • slave_allwize_k1_zero: Arduino Zero / Zero Pro slave
  • slave_allwize_k2: AllWize K2 simple slave
  • slave_allwize_k2_lpp: AllWize K2 slave using CayenneLPP to build the app payload
  • slave_allwize_k2_mbus: AllWize K2 slave using MBUSPayload to build the app payload
  • sensor-bme280: BME280 temperature, humidity and pressure sensor
  • sensor-hcsr04: HC-SR04 ultrasound sensor
  • sensor-mcp9701: MCP9701 analog temperature sensor, the one included in the AllWize K1 shield
  • sensor-mhz16: MH-Z16 CO2 sensor
  • sensor-mics4514: MICS4514 CO & NO sensor
  • sensor-si7021: SI7021 temperature and humidity sensor
  • uc-vineryards: BME280 and a soil humidity sensor for agriculture monitoring
  • uc-wcpaper: toilet paper sensor :)
  • wize2mqtt: Wize to MQTT bridge that supports CSV, CayenneLPP and MBUS payload formats. Meant to run on an ESP8266-based board.
  • wize2serial: Wize to serial bridge that supports CSV, CayenneLPP and MBUS payload formats.